About Us

About Us

Our Start In 1978 GMR broke into the gymnastic market with one jackhammer drill for installing floor plate), a door on two sawhorses for a desk and an unlimited amount of enthusiasm for the sport of gymnastics.

There was nothing about gymnastics that didn't fascinate us, from the giant custom pits to the tiniest little slip on dismount socks. Over the years we have designed, produced and sold anything and everything for the entire gymnastic market of clubs, universities, Y's, coaches, judges, gymnasts and last but by no means least parents.

Our beginnings were mostly related to AMF equipment until our first original product, The Mushroom®. Films from Russia gave insight into how the Russians trained for their exceptional pommel horse skills using a peculiar little stool that looked very much like a mushroom. Mike decided to make a US version for his gymnasts to train on. From a steel dome found treasure from a junk yard, to scraps of pipe, vinyl and foam, the first ByGMR apparatus was born. The Mushroom® gave us a sense of the fun of doing "your own thing". Hundreds of products, dozens of catalogues, many wonderful employees and a grand new facility followed during the next thirty plus years.

Our Growth We wanted to do for the participants what we had done for gymnastic facilities and their training and instructional programs. In the eighties we launched a line of grips and apparel and came up with our trademark logo, TEN.0® but it wasn't until the desktop technology revolution in the nineties which allowed us to create artwork for a full line of gymnastic products for the gymnast and their families. Finally we could join the big boys with a FULL COLOR CATALOG.

Very early on in our catalogue years we realized that we would have to design our own products. A successful product for us could sell 500 and most manufacturers wanted to sell at least 500,000. Since no one else was willing to invest in such a small market place because gymnastics has possibly a customer base of 100,000 as opposed to most other youth sports with customer bases in the many, many million,we sought out manufacturers around the world to produce our unique products. Creating these products for YOU, our gymnastic customers, has been a delightful experience.

Today and beyond... As you wander through our website and our catalogue you will see a wide variety of products from the very basic training necessities to the little luxuries and toys that appeal to those who love the sport the way we do.

Please let us hear from you. We like to try to address any of our shortcomings and to offer you the service and product line that YOU want. From our too small offering of products for the male gymnast to the representation of all minorities in our product line, we have heard from you and are trying to meet your expectations.

We wish you the best of luck as you pursue your gymnastic dreams and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey.

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