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Velcro Hook Connector for Carpet Bonded Foam

Velcro Hook Connector for Carpet Bonded Foam

(Carpet Bonded Foam)
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Available length is 42' only, please order in 42' increments.
  • Example: 42', 84', 126', 168' etc.
  • Note: Price is per foot.

4" Velcro Hook connector for Gymnastics and Cheerleading Carpet Bonded Foam. Available in Blue, Red, Gray and White. A 42'x42' carpet bonded floor requires 6 @ 42' and 42'x54' requires 8 @ 42'. In addition to connecting the rolls together, the 4" hook is ideal for simulating a floor balance beam or to mark zones on the floor. The Velcro hook will only stick to carpet bonded foam and low level commercial grade carpet (office carpet) and not to Flex Floor Ex carpet. Hook connector will connect scrim topped foam when used under a standard floor ex carpet.

  • Note: price is per foot.
  • Additional charges apply for air delivery.
  • 4" blue is an exact match to the carpet bonded foam.



Carpet Bonded Foam and Floor Ex Foam are a general purpose mats for motor skill development, tumbling, cheerleading skills and martial arts. Under no circumstances is it to be used as a landing mat. Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death from landing or falling on the neck, head or other parts of the body. This mat cannot and DOES NOT eliminate this hazard entirely. YOU STILL ASSUME THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY IN THE USE OF THIS MAT. HOWEVER, THIS RISK CAN BE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED BY ALWAYS FOLLOWING THESE SIMPLE RULES.

  1. Use this mat ONLY under the supervision of trained and qualified instruction.
  2. KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS. YOU are responsible to know your own limitations and the limitations of this mat. Follow USAG Safety Manual progressive learning techniques.
  3. This mat MUST be used with proper spotting equipment and trained spotters suitable to the activity or skill or under supervision of a qualified instructor.
  4. Always INSPECT for damage, including tears and flattening of energy absorbing material before each use. MATS CAN MOVE DURING USE. Check for proper positioning of mat before each use.