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Tite Grip II Antiperspirant Hand Formula

Tite Grip II Antiperspirant Hand Formula

(Hand Care & Rip Repair)
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Tite Grip AntiPerspiration Formula
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Stops sweaty hands and feet- Dries Clear.


Tite Grip Antiperspirant Formula 2 oz tube-Stops sweaty hands and feet. Tite Grip is non-slip antiperspirant hand and foot lotion that dries clear and will not stain clothes. Ideal for:
  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness Pole
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Skiing
  • Paddleball
  • Baseball
  • Rock Climbing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Hand Tools
  • Everthing requiring a Tite-Grip.
  • Three things happen when applying Tite Grip:
  • 1.Moisture will be drawn from your hands and feet. 2.Your hands and feet will become temporarily sticky 3.Your hands and feet will stay dry for 6 hours.