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Tippy Disc 360

Tippy Disc 360

(Balance Flexibility Strength)
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Tippy Disc 360
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Prevent ankle twist and sprains while practicing balance.


The Tippy Disc 360 Adjustable Balance Board provides a total 360 degree Gymnastics or Cheerleading balance workout. It features one removable Tippy Disc Cap to change from an advanced to a junior balance workout. Perfect for 360 degree ankle conditioning, rehabilitation, core training, balance beam training and cheer stunting balance.
  • Research has proven that regular use of a wobble or balance board can help prevent ankle twists and sprains by strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower leg while improving balance, stability and increasing range of motion.
  • Daily use of this simple and fun physical training device will pay great dividends down the road and is an invaluable tools in rehabilitating ankle injuries.
  • Balance board training can dramatically improve the strength and coordination of all the key muscles involved in running. This can help you avoid injuries and make you a considerably more powerful runner.
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