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Therma-Kool Hot / Cold Compress

Therma-Kool Hot / Cold Compress

(Tape, Ice & Heat Therapy-)
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Therma-Kool Hot Cold Compress
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Ideal for cold or heat therapy,


Therma-Kool® Hot Cold Compress. This is a reusable Hot/Cold Compress for home or gym. What makes Therma-Kool® Hot/Cold Compress so Unique?
  • Therma-Kool® Brand HOT/COLD Compress is a unique gel, in a soft but sturdy plastic envelope, designed for use as a hot or cold compress.
  • The pack remains flexible when used cold.
  • This product is hospital proven.
  • Use COLD for fast First Aid treatment of sprains, bumps, bruises, contusions, headache, minor bleeding and burns.
  • Use HOT (Microwavable) for temporary relief of muscle stiffness, aches and pain.
  • Avoid Direct Skin Contact and Always Wrap Therma-Kool in a cloth or towel.
  • Dimensions per pack: 4" x 2" x 1"
  • Minimum order 3.