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The Kip DVD
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The Kip For Unevens & HiBar DVD
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The Kip For Unevens & Hibar DVD. On this DVD,top coach Steve Butcher goes over the basic concept of the kip, learning the swing, and technical reinforcement exercises Length:35 min By:Steve Butcher-Steve is the secretary for the USAG Men's Program Committee. He is also a member of the Age Group Competition Committee and Junior Olympic Program Committee. Steve has been a USGA Jr. National team Coach from 1991-2004 and was the junior coach of 1996 Olympian John Macready. He is also an international judge and president of the Men's Technical Committee of the Pan American Gymnastics Union. His duties include overseeing all of the international competitions between the countries of North, South and Central America. Steve is the gymnastics program director for the Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego, CA.