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Swede-O Arch Lok

Swede-O Arch Lok

(Closeouts Ankle & Heel)
Closeout: $25.00
Swede-O Arch Lok
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Aids in the healing process.


Swede-O Arch Lok. Ankle injuries happen when the foot begins to roll. The Arch Lok provides superior support of the foot and arch preventing the rolling onset of inversion and eversion sprains. Neutral arch position promotes healing of injured ligaments and superior arch support allows earlier weight bearing and return to normal gait. Can be worn in school sneakers during the healing process. Will easily fit inside any athletic shoe or cheerleading shoe to allow for continued training and competition.
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  • xs(womens 4-6)
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Please do not try to use any of the supports or braces we offer if you have any doubt as to the origin of your pain. Always seek medical attention for proper diagnosis.
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