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Stretch Program

Stretch Program

(Balance Flexibility Strength)
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Stretch Program
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Accelerate your gymnastics or coaching career with STRETCH.


A good gymnast is Flexible, Strong and has a good sense of Balance. The STRETCH program develops these three important characteristics quickly and easily. STRETCH is a safe home and gym use program for Gymnasts, Coaches and interested parents. The book and posters feature male gymnast, but the exercises and drills are the same for males or females. If you want to accelerate your career -follow this daily program to improve your flexibilty, strength and balance. The STRETCH program can be performed individually or as a team. It is the perfect program for the beginner gymnast or coach looking for direction.
  • Each Stretch:
  • Moves from standing to sitting
  • Moves from upper limbs to lower limbs
  • Is a warm up for the next stretch
  • Has a specific stretch time frame
  • Each Strength Exercise:
  • Is performed on Parallets or Mats
  • Has a specific time frame or repetition
  • Each Balance Skill:
  • Is a pre-requisite for the skill to follow
  • Includes a 57 page manual with 4 posters that gives a basic strength, stretching and balance program. STRETCH explains the need for these basics and their relationship to successful gymnastics. Strength exercises are performed on Parallets (PR812). Stretching and Balance skills can be practiced on the M48 Acro mat.
  • Shipping charge $8.25 each.