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RipGuardian Patch

RipGuardian Patch

(Hand Care & Rip Repair)
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What is RipGuardian? RipGuardian is the first rip patch invented by a gymnast for gymnasts. It is a specially formulated rip protection patch designed to eliminate the pain caused by rips. Ever since the sport of gymnastics came into existence gymnasts have been plagued by rips forcing them to be sidelined or (in extreme cases) forced to quit gymnastics altogether. With RipGuardian you don’t have to do either! Simply place a piece of RipGuardian over a rip, tape it up, slip on your grips and get back on the bars!

How does RipGuardian work? RipGuardian creates an impact and friction resistant surface between your hand and grip, protecting it from pain and enabling the healing process. Simply place one piece of RipGuardian over a rip, tape it up and slip on your grips!

With RipGuardian, gymnasts can get back on bars and stay on bars without worrying about rips. RipGuardian is a patch that you mold into and tape over rips or “hot areas” to protect (or prevent) rips.

  • Comfortable, reusable rip protection.
  • 10 Non-toxic, latex FREE silicone wax protection patches