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Mueller Max Flex Ankle Brace

Mueller Max Flex Ankle Brace

(Closeouts Ankle & Heel)
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Mueller Max Flex Ankle Brace
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Provides support and full foot mobility.


Mueller Max Flex Ankle Brace. This Maximum Flexion & Extension lace up brace is designed with a high cut front and narrow bottom for maximum foot movement while providing protection against inversion sprains with two sets of medical steel springs. The full back elastic makes for Achilles tendon comfort. Originally designed by a European Soccer speicalist this ankle brace is excellent for gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, racquet sports, running and wrestling. This item is sized according to shoe size.
  • High front cut and narrow bottom allow full foot mobility
  • High back cut allows better fit in soccer shoes
  • Comfort Windows®: single layer of fabric over ankle bones for more comfort
  • Protects against sprains with flexible steel support springs
  • Achilles tendon comfort from full elastic back
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Please do not try to use any of the supports or braces we offer if you have any doubt as to the origin of your pain. Always seek medical attention for proper diagnosis.