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Hydrogel Skin Pads
  • Hydrogel Skin Pads
  • Hydrogel Skin Pads

Hydrogel Skin Pads

(Hand Care & Rip Repair)
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Hydrogel Skin Pads
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Superior Blister Care


Hydrogel Skin Pads combines state-of-the-art hydro gel with a support mesh and vitamin E to help provide superior protection against rubbing, blisters and rips. This combination also cools and soothes already damaged and irritated skin from Rips. Includes 200 (1"x1") Hydro Gel Skin Pads.
  • To use: remove blue film, apply hydrogel side of pad to the desired area.
  • To prevent drying, keep unused portions of Skin-on-Skin pads inside sealed bag.
  • Skin-on-Skin non-sterile hydrogel pads should not be used on open wounds. For open wounds, chronic skin problems or if infection occurs, consult your physician.
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