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Gymnastics Excellence Vol.4: Advanced Tumbling (VHS)

Gymnastics Excellence Vol.4: Advanced Tumbling (VHS)

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Gymnastics Excellence Vol.4: Advanced Tumbling (VHS)
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Advanced Tumbling is the final step in understanding the forces at work in all gymnastic movements. Technical aspects are clearly broken down to ensure retention. Artistic orientation to skills is clearly explained and developed.
  • Finally a well produced comprehensive instructional video series that assists coaches, parents, and physical education teachers to instruct students in an easy step by step, hands-on process.
  • Kids don't have to be the next Mary Lou Retton or Bart Conner to benefit from this excellent series. Many elite gymnasts including 17 Olympians have benefited from the proven techniques and approach to excellence that form the basis of the Mulvihill System. This method was developed by Dick and Linda Mulvihill at their internationally acclaimed National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Gymnastics teaches control, discipline and self esteem for all ages. This video series is the best first step to Gymnastic Excellence! Safe progressions for step-by-step development, easy to follow and use, specially designed for gym, school and home use, and highly recommended for gymnasts and their parents, coaches and teachers.
  • The System is both a scientific and aesthetic method for achieving the highest level of success in all Olympic Gymnastic events. Now the same techniques used everyday at the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics can be applied anywhere.
  • Dick and Linda Mulvihill have trained 17 Olympians and over 50 National Champions. Linda was named USGF Choreographer of the Year in 1989. She is currently one the highest ranked Gymnastics Judges in the USA. Linda represented the United States as an Olympian in Tokyo in 1964, in Mexico City in 1968 and in Munich in 1972, and in Montreal in 1976.
  • Video: 31 minutes (2006) Dick and Linda Mulvihill
  • UPC Code: 709629180437