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Gym Charm - 3rd Place Vault
  • Gym Charm - 3rd Place Vault
  • Gym Charm - 3rd Place Vault

Gym Charm - 3rd Place Vault

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3rd Vault Gym Charm
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Ten.o's 3rd Place on Vault Gym Charm has the "3" printed on one side and our exclusive 10.0 gymnastics graphics printed on the other side.
  • Choose one of the following charm holders to display your charm.
  • GB14 Vintage Classic Single Link Charm Bracelet
  • GB12 Elegant Double Link Charm Bracelet
  • CH17 Bag Bangle / Jean Jewelry Chain
  • PS210 Cell Phone or Camera Strap
  • UK35 "C" Shaped Key Ring
  • HK42 Heart Shaped Key Ring
  • CC16 Beaded Charm Cord
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