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Glassless Mylar Mirrors

Glassless Mylar Mirrors

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Glassless Mylar Mirrors
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Features brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass.


Glassless Mylar Mirrors. Mylar, the amazing space age super reflective material used in the Hubble Space Telescope, is an image good enough for the stars. Our Glassless Mirrors are made from metallized Mylar plastic film. They give a brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass, with no ghost images. Our popular 4' X 8' vertical mirror, with stacking wheels, weighs only twelve pounds! Best of all, our mirrors won't shatter, making them much safer than glass. NOTE: Because of the vulnerability of mylar mirrors, adult supervision is advised when children are present. Sizes:
  • 3'x6' Wall Panels and Rolling Vertical Stand
  • 4'x6' Wall Panels and Rolling Vertical Stand
  • 4'x8' Wall Panels and Rolling Vertical Stand
  • Our specially designed frame allows you to stack mirrors for easy storage. A 36-foot long mirror (Nine 3' vertical panels) takes just four by five feet of floor space when stacked!

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Do not perform barre exercises if you have back problems, have had knee injuries, or any other injury that may prevent you from using the barre properly. Talk to your ballet or dance teacher before using the ballet barre. Do not use the ballet barre unsupervised, especially if you are trying exercises for the first time. Have a teacher or another dancer watch you to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. If you have any questions about ballet barre exercises and whether or not you are physically able to perform barre exercises, talk to your doctor.

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