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Elite Warm-Up & Preparation DVD

Elite Warm-Up & Preparation DVD

(Balance Flexibility Strength)
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Elite Warmup & Preparation DVD
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Developed by Four Time Olympian Jordon Jovtchev.


Elite Warmup & Preparation DVD. A proper warm-up does a variety of things. It raises your core temperature and wakes up your nervous system, prepares your joints for heavy loading and pre-strengthens your muscles. Gymnasts endure some of the toughest training around and require a carefully developed warm-up program. Jordan Jovtchev’s career has spanned Four Olympic cycles and he is still competing at age 32. He is still in great shape and does not require any taping on his joints. Some of the credit can be given to his meticulously detailed warm-up regimen that he performs before all of his workouts. This video features over 100 different movements used by Jordan and the US National Team in their preparation.

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