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Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems
  • Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems
  • Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems
  • Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems
  • Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems
  • Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems

Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems

(In Ground Pits)
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Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems
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By GMR Custom Pit Tramp Bed Systems are state of the art. Our bed frames are installed at a 24" to 36" depth depending on the sixe of the pit. 7.5'to 10' wide pits can be installed at 3' depth and larger square or rectangular pits at 24" depth. The pit beds are intentionally designed to be be loose and sag towards the middle of the pit bed. Even though the frame is installed at a 24" to 36" depth, the Bed Sag" adds up to an additional 6" to 18" of depth. World Class Gymnastics in Jacksonville, FL (see main picture) is a perfect example of an 18" bed sag. The World Class pit is 17'x24' with the frame installed 24" down and a bed sags to aprroximately 42" or 3.5'. Combining this with our pit cube "Overfill Factor", the bed will compress or stretch ever further after adding the pit cubes and the weight of the gymnast. The By GMR Pit Bed System is less likely to pack down and is easier to fluff because there are less pit cubes which creates a more lively Pit Bed. This system allows for better deceleration without the sudden tramp jolt as on other systems. The Overfill Factor will help insure that there is no "air void" until contacting the pit cubes, like on other systems. The By GMR Pit bed System Includes"
  • Heavy Duty Poly Pit Bed with extra long spring skirt and skirt tiedowns.
  • 5' frame sections with wavy wire spring connectors
  • Concrete wall anchors
  • 8" Standard and 8" Heavy Duty Pit Tramp Springs
  • Custom Frame Beams or Edge Plates
  • Wall Padding
  • Frame Padding
  • Spring Padding
  • Pit Warning Poster
  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Please use the quote button to begin the quote process. Please provide pit length and width or email pit design to or fax to 800-243-2556.
  • Gym and Pit Design Available
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