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Complete Recreational Gymnastics For Girls DVD

Complete Recreational Gymnastics For Girls DVD

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Complete Recreational Gymnastics for Girls DVD
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Inclides 500 drills and skills.


NEW TO THE USA!!! Skill ideas from A-Z Complete Recreational Gymnastics for Girls DVD. More than 550 drills and skills for recreational gymnastics. Unlike many instructional DVD's each skill has a seperate chapter heading for easy viewing and reviewing. This is the perfect teaching video for the professional gymnastics coach and physical education teachers who wish to create a safe and effective lesson plan. Length: 2hrs 43min By:Australian coaches Charles Minster and Mark Moncur
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • High quality filming of activities including
  • key coaching points
  • technique
  • lead up drils and skill preparation
  • variations on the skill
  • hand spotting techniques
  • common faults
  • Over 30 warm up games
  • Different teaching techniques explained
  • See alternate view for Reviews
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