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Christmas Ball Retro Charms (Set of 11)

Christmas Ball Retro Charms (Set of 11)

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Xmas Ball Retro Charms Set of 11
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Set of 11 Retrospective Xmas Ball Charms. Each charm is a miniature replica of the Original Ten.o Xmas Ball ornaments. The backside of each charm is flat with a round acrylic dome face. The perfect Holiday accessory for your charm bracelet, necklace or miniature Christmas tree. Makes a great team or meet gift.
  • Includes:
  • Xmas Night Dive Roll
  • Your Angel Tumbles With You
  • Santa Gymnast Split Leap
  • Gym Snow Princess
  • Starry Night Split Leap
  • Shooting Star Leap
  • Blue Star Leap
  • Seasons Greetings Leap
  • Joy to Gymnastics
  • Yuletide Leap
  • Moonlight
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