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Cheer Dance University Video 2 (VHS)

Cheer Dance University Video 2 (VHS)

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Cheer Dance University Video 2 (VHS)
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Cheerleading video's from Cheer Dance University Choreography Club 1. Music features on Champion Mix CD 1,2 & 3.Professional cheer and dance choreographers Kym Alayne and Angela Stevens have developed and share five exciting and innovative routines for cheerleaders and dance teams alike. Each routine is performed three times for easy learning. Kym and Angela teach each from the front view,from the back view and then step by step. This approach allows your team the opportunity to understand our choreography or add your own unique choreography. Volume 1 routines include a variety of styles from hip-hop and tradional dance, to cheer and pom-pom. Experience CheerDance University Choreography Club Volume 1 for the latest cheer and dance routines! NOTE: THERE ARE FIVE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ROUTINES ON VOLUME #1 AMD VOLUME #2.