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Air Lift Board Spring

Air Lift Board Spring

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Air Lift Board Spring
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Air Lift Board or Air O Board Spring. 40 springs required for total replacement. Minimum order 10 springs. Minimum shipping is $15.00 for 10 springs.The website will charge $15.00 each-this will be corrected before charging your credit card. Shipping charges for more than 10 springs will be confirmed upon receipt of your order.



Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death. This Vault Trainer is intended for use ONLY by properly trained and qualified participants under supervised conditions and only for gymnastics type vaulting skills and drills. It is not a mini tramp and not intended for performing somersaults or dive rolls. Vault Trainers, being rebounding devices, propel the performer to unaccustomed heights and a variety of body movements. New maneuvers or skills must be learned and taught in proper progression by a qualified, trained instructor. Use without proper supervision, or abuse, could be DANGEROUS and should NOT be undertaken or permitted. Before using, KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS and the limitations of this equipment. If in doubt always consult your instructor. Always inspect for loose fittings or damage and test stability before each use. Be sure proper matting is in place.