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ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot/Cold Packs
  • ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot/Cold Packs
  • ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot/Cold Packs
  • ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot/Cold Packs

ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot/Cold Packs

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ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot/Cold Packs
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Stay soft migrating gel replacement fits AtiveWrap® wrist and ankle wrap.

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ActiveWrap® Replacement Hot / Cold Recharge Kit
  • Includes 2 hot / cold packs and Active Wrap drawstring bag
  • Fits WH007 Wrist / Hand Active Wrap
  • Fits AE2377 Ankle / Elbow Active Wrap
  • Allows athlete to maintain Heat or Cold therapy over extended periods by exchanging out the packs.

For Cold Therapy Use: Place ActiveWrap® thermal packs flat in freezer with nylon pouch for minimum 2 hrs before using (small packs). Do not freeze below 12 F (-17 C). When ready to use remove from freezer and let stand for several minutes prior to use. Ice down for max of 15 minutes per treatment. Extended time does not equal better results.

For Hot Therapy Use: Immerse in a shallow microwave safe container filled with warm/hot water (enough to cover the pack). Heat for 30 seconds (1200watt microwave) until pack achieves warm temperature. Reheat in 10 sec intervals and repeat up to 1.5 min max. Moist Heat Option - add a folded wet paper towel and insert into pouch between nylon and the pack. When using the DLP this is a nice feature as you can slip the paper towel in the top slot closest to skin and slip a heat pack underneath the moist towel in the bottom slot. Non-Microwave Alternatives - Place packs (without the nylon cover) in hot water for 7-8 minutes time. Do not heat over an open flame or boil. Remove from water, test heat and insert into nylon pouches.