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2nd Grip Palm Grip
  • 2nd Grip Palm Grip
  • 2nd Grip Palm Grip

2nd Grip Palm Grip

(501 Blues)
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501 Blues 2nd Grip Velcro Palm Grip
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Use 501 Blues 2nd Grip before moving on to an advanced grips.


501 Blues Velcro 2nd Grip Palm Grip. This is a good gymnastics grip to learn the feel of leather between the hand and the bar. A must for transition to a more advanced dowel grip. Beginning team gymnasts will like this grip.

501 2nd Grip Features:

  • Durable 4.5-5oz 501 Blue leather
  • Distinctive 501 Blue strap with hook and loop
  • Sold as a pair
  • Sizes: 0, 1,2,3,4


* Guesstimate Sizing for Palm Grips
SIZE 0 1 2 3 4
up to 2.5 2.5 to 3 3 to 3.5 3.5 to 4 NA
G903 up to 2.5 2.5 to 3 3 to 3.5 3.5 to 4 4 & up

*Measure from base of the palm to the base of the middle finger. Following these size charts does not guarantee a perfect fit as there are dimensions to the hand and several ways to wear grips that cannot be taken into account in a chart. Only gymnasts and coaches can make a proper judgment as to size. Send or fax a hand tracing for a better guesstimate.

Grip Handbook

GMR has created a resource to help you learn more about grips.

Please review our Grip Handbook (PDF) to get answers to common grip questions, and call us if you still have concerns.

Topics include:

  • Choosing the most appropriate grip
  • Sizing and positioning of your grips
  • Basic palm guard
  • Women's uneven bar grips
  • Pixie grips
  • Men's ring grips
  • Men's high bar grips
  • Identifying right and left high bar grips properly
  • Breaking in your grips
  • Caring for your grips
  • Warranty Information

Grips Law

Remember Grips Law
If a grip is going to break,
it will do so the day of a meet!
(or the day before a meet).
Always have a back-up pair of Grips.

Remember Grip's Law
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